Participation in Dubai Int’l Holy Quran Award is dream to memorisers

Story dated:Monday June 5th, 2017,06 53:am

To participate in the Dubai International Holy Quran Award (DIHQA) is a dream for Quran memorisers from across the globe.This has been reiterated and affirmed by all participants in the 21st edition of the 14-category award being held daily at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

يوسف همام طير من الجزائر خلال منافسات جائزة دبي الدولية للقرآن الكريم للدورة الحادية والعشرون بتاريخ 03-06-2017

17-year- old Algerian contestant Youcef Hamame said since he started memorising the Quran he heard much about the Dubai International Holy Quran Award. “I have always been dreaming to chip in the prestigious award one day,” he said. “To compete in this big competition is not only my dream; it’s rather the dream of all Quran memorisers worldwide.”

Hamame, who inspired the audience with his tight memorisation and beautiful recitation, paid tribute to the DIHQA organising committee for their relentless effort to always develop the award.

“The Dubai International Holy Quran Award has become a milestone Quran competition worldwide, and I am so happy to be here in Dubai and meet with this big number of full Quran memorisers from around the world.”

Talking about his journey with the holy Quran, Hamame said that he started memorising the Quran at the age of seven. “I managed to complete this sacred mission in just two years at the age of nine at mosque classes.”

Hamame’s parents and Quran teacher were a great asset in this journey, he pointed out. “I would not have made it without first God’s blessing, and secondly the incessant encouragement of my parents and teachers.”

Born in a family committed to the holy Quran, his elder brother has memorised the Quran in full, and his young brother is about to complete memorisation also at the mosque classes.

Showing exceptional performance, Hamame has been nominated for participation in the Award by the Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Ministry in his country during the national week for Quran memorisation.

“I have the honour to represent my country Algeria in this competition, and wishnot only to teach the Quran to others as advised by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), but also to be a renowned scholar and international surgeon.

Reiterating the same, 21-year- old Asghari Mana of the Philippines, said he finished memorising the Quran in two years. “I learnt the Quran in full three years back at the Zaid bin Thabet Islamic institute back home in Manila, which is under the Holy Quran Memorization International Organization in Jeddah of Saudi Arabia.”

Mana has finished his secondary school and is currently studying at the College of Da'wa. “My father has encouraged me to memorise the Quran in full, and finally I have made it and chipped in DIHQ, my dream Quran competition.”

To be eligible for participation in the Dubai International Holy Quran Award was not easy for him. “I had to excel other competitors and dazzle the arbitration committee with my performance.”

Though he came third, the first nominee had already participated in DIHQA while the third failed to issue his passport in time. “I have accordingly been nominated for the award this year.”

Mana has participated in so many local and international competitions, including the Prince Sultan contest in Indonesia where he came third. “I am so happy and honoured to chip in this award and wish everybody the best of luck.”

21-year- old Ornemba Jaafar of Togo said he memorised the Quran in four years when he was 17. “My mother, a Quran teacher, helped and encouraged me so much to have this honour and learn the Quran in full at the mosque.”

Showing good performance in a local competition, he was nominated for the 21 st edition of the Dubai International Holy Quran Award. “I study business administration at the French University and wish to be a Quran teacher as well.”

Later, the organising committee of the Dubai Holy Quran Award honoured the sponsors of the second night and presented a collection of gifts and prizes in cash and in kind to the audience as per a raffle draw.