‘Solar Eclipse’ Teaser launched at the 13th edition of Dubai International Film Festival 2016

Story dated:Tuesday December 13th, 2016,05 31:am

Nugen Media Production premieres the first teaser launch of its Gandhi flick exclusively to DIFF guests

The Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) will witness on the 8th of December the teaser launch of Solar Eclipse, an action-packed motion picture set during the era of pre-independent India, where the country is placed in the face of racial division, civil conflict, and violence, and is based on a conspiracy revolving around the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi.

The film is presented by Nugen Media Productions, a film production company based in Dubai, and Solar Eclipse will be its debut motion picture featuring notable names from both Hollywood and Bollywood. Solar Eclipse is directed by award-winning Algerian filmmaker Karim Traidia, with the screenplay being written by Pankaj Sehgal, whom is also co-directing. Acting in this film is an ensemble containing Bollywood actor Om Puri and Hollywood actor Vinnie Jones, amongst a number of performers of this calibre.

Solar Eclipse is an artistic depiction of the birth of Indian democracy after intense turmoil and mesmerizingly showcases India’s pre-independence era and post. The story also adds a layer of artistic brilliance by drawing the similarities between the assassinations of two very prominent historical figures, side-by-side, those being Gandhi himself and U.S President Abraham Lincoln, and how those very assassinations preceded infinitely important change in their respective nations; turning a national tragedy into the ultimate stepping stone for the establishment of two successful, secular, and democratic nations.

DIFF will begin on Wednesday the 7th of December and will go on until the next Wednesday on the 14th, while the teaser was screened on Thursday, 8th December’16 at The Press Conference Room, DIFF Headquarters, Madinat Jumeirah at 3pm.