New smart app launched by GDRFA

Story dated:Saturday November 7th, 2015,10 15:am

unnamedThe General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai (GDRFA-Dubai) launched a new smart application of reporting a failure or faults which will enable the employees of the GDRFA to report any malfunction in the system, or any other crashes in the service that may occur while providing the service to the customer.

The inauguration of the service attended by Brigadier Hussein Ibrahim, Assistant of the Director-General for Administrative Support Sector and Major Khalid bin Madiya Al Falasi, Deputy Assistant of Director General for Smart Services and several officials and officers from GDRFA. The service launched on Thursday at the GDRFA Officers’ Club in Al Jafiliya area.

Major Bin Madiya said that the service is characterized by feature of attaching pictures and select the location via the GBS Service.

Major Bin Madiya said that via this new smart app the employees will be able to report any of these failures directly using the smart application in their smart phone.

Major Bin Madiya said that through this service officers can report the problem on spot wither they are at the Headquarter or at any of the external offices of the GDRFA or at any of Dubai airports.

He added that the problem will be reported directly to the concerned person, as quick as possible through smart application which allow the work to be done smoothly and easily, adding that this reflected positively on the progress of work and speed it up and therefore this also affects positively on the customers applications which will also be done quickly without interruption that may occur due to any sudden technical failure that could happen.

Major Khalid stressed that this service is going on around the clock on weekdays.

Major Bin Madiya said that the service is now available on the staff smart phones.

He said that in the past was any such kind or report that may occur during the work used to reported either by phone or through the email and be registered and then be sent to the concerned employees.

“The new system will save time and efforts for the staff and for the customers,” he said.