Dubai Police educate children on the dangers of buying or using fireworks

Story dated:Thursday June 16th, 2016,02 52:pm

Dubai Police “STOP! STAY SAFE” anti-fireworks campaign addresses 3,000 school students

As part of the ongoing “STOP! STAY SAFE” anti-fireworks campaign, Dubai Police today organised an awareness session for about 3,000 students of The Indian High School – Dubai.

The General Department of Protective Security and Emergency – Explosives Security Department (ESD) staged a range of activities including talks, demonstrations and preventive measures at Sheikh Rashid Auditorium of the School.

Brigadier Abdullah Ali Al Ghaithi – Director of General Department of Protective Security and Emergency; Lieutenant Colonel Ayob Abdullah Ibrahim Kankazar – Vice-President of the anti-fireworks campaign; First Lieutenant Engineer Humaid Sultan bin Dalmouk – In-charge of the anti-fireworks campaign, and more than 25 officers from Dubai Police Explosives Security Department (ESD) attended the event in the presence of The Indian High School-Dubai Chairman Mr. Sunil Umrao Singh, and CEO Dr. Ashk Kumar.

The authority kicked off the third edition of the “Stop! Stay Safe” campaign on June 1, 2016,aimed at educating the public, particularly children, about the dangers of buying or using fireworks and firecrackers. The month long campaign is currently reaching out to the public warning them about the potential dangers of using fireworks illegally. Use of fireworks by residents is a legal offence in the emirate.

The campaign, under the theme of ‘Make celebrations playful, not painful’, has a number of awareness and vigilance activities lined up across the emirate running throughout the holy Speaking on the side-lines of the event, Brigadier Abdullah Ali Al Ghaithi, Director of the General Department of Protective Security and Emergency at the Dubai Police, said it is illegal to sell fireworks without permission and warned about the consequences of handling He reminded parents that it is their duty to stop this danger to their children and society, and advised them to cooperate with the Police through monitoring their children and forbidding them from buying and using fireworks. Parents of those caught using fireworks can be held accountable for their children’s actions.

“Fireworks are powerful enough to cause serious life-long injuries to their users and innocent bystanders. Avoiding their use is a moral, social and religious duty. There is a remarkable increase in the use of fireworks to celebrate feasts. This phenomenon causes extreme danger and it is our duty to prevent it. Hence, preventing the growing use of fireworks requires cooperation by the public,” he said.

The consequences of using fireworks include severe burns and injuries that can cause permanent disability and permanent hearing difficulties caused by the loud sound. Fireworks also cause severe injuries to eye and face as these can rupture the eyeball, burn the eye and face, cut eyelids, and cause corneal abrasions.