1000 expat workers has completed the Workforce Educational and Awareness programme in the past three months

Story dated:Monday September 26th, 2016,05 00:am

Bin Surour: We are keen to protect the workers’ rights and meets global standards

001More than 1000 expat workers in Dubai has completed the Workforce Educational and Awareness programme since its beginning in June this year, the programme initiated recently by a team comprising of four government departments including the Permanent committee for labour Affairs in Dubai to educate expat employees in the emirate of the country’s laws and informing them of their rights and duties was launched.

002Major General Obaid Muhair Bin Surour, Chairman of the Permanent Committee for Labour Affairs said, the Workforce Educational and Awareness programme was set up the ‘Orange Team,’ a group set up under the ‘City Makers’ initiative launched by Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, in December 2014. The initiative aims to bring together teams from across different government authorities to collaborate to develop innovative, integrated solutions for government. The Orange Team is a joint effort of four government departments, including Dubai Courts, Dubai Police, Permanent Committee for Labour Affairs (PCLA) and the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. Its primary mission is to follow-up on all the affairs of the expatriate workforce in the emirate “We aim to create a healthy work environment in Dubai, one which protects the workers’ rights and meets global standards,” he said, adding that the institute will ensure that workers in the emirate are not subjected to any kind of exploitation. “By knowing the country’s laws and what rights they have, employees can ensure they don’t fall prey to exploitation," said Major General Bin Surour.

003Major General Bin Surour said the PCLA in partnership with the Middle East Centre for Training and Development, has developed a training institute to train workers in Dubai on their rights and duties as the UAE government is keen to protect workers' rights.

Dr. Ahmed Al Hashimi, Director of the Middle East Centre for Training and Development explained that the preliminary results of the awareness sessions, which the centre has been able to obtain through conducting a survey on a sample of 1000 labourers; that this is a true testament to the governments’ development efforts and which have been witnessed in relation to expatriate workers in the country.

004He said following the completion of approximately 13 training sessions conducted in 3 different languages;English, Arabic, and Urdu, and which have been provided to almost 1000 workers, the initial results of the survey, having been analyzed by the Middle East Centre for Training and Development, reveal that around 90.57% of the workers found the sessions to be useful to them.

Dr. Al Hashimi added that statistics showed that 87.57 percent of these workers have expressed their intention of communicating their positive experiences of the training sessions to other colleagues, as well as recommended the continuation of these sessions to benefit others.

005Dr. Al Hashimi said that 85 percent of the workers have expressed dramatic improvements in the level of awareness and knowledge in relation to these rights and responsibilities following their exposure to the training and awareness sessions. The sessions also shaped the workers’ understanding of the governmental procedures in place to resolve labour disputes or any difficulties which they may face with their employers and companies throughout their employment, a vital educational tool in filling critical awareness gaps of workers.

Dr. Al Hashimi said that 83 percent of workers said they have gained more understanding of the health and safety at workplace. Colonel. Abdul Muneim Al Medawi, Coordinator of the Permanent Committee of Labour Affairs in Dubai, said the preliminary stage to train workers in Dubai has the PCLA is looking forward create healthy and happy environment for workers.