H.E. Hamad Al Mansoori Inaugurates the Smart Learning Forum and Exhibition

Story dated:Wednesday December 16th, 2015,06 59:am

H.E-Hamad-Almansoori--SLFDubai: Under the patronage of H.E. Engineer Allam Moussa, Palestine Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology, H.E. Marawan Al Sawaleh, UAE Ministry of Education Undersecretary, H.E. Abdullah Mohareb, ALESCO Director General, and Mr. Ibrahim Al Haddad, ITU Regional Director for the Arab Region, H.E. Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, the General Authority for Regulating the Telecommunications Sector (TRA) Director General, inaugurated the Smart Learning Forum and Exhibition.

SLFH.E. Hamad Al Mansoori welcomed attendees saying “We are embarking on a new educational journey towards a fine and advanced educational experience. To reach this destination, we should optimally use and engage ICT technologies in the educational process. We are following our fathers’ footsteps, as they taught us how to be courageous and intelligent enough to develop and thrive in a rapidly changing world. They also deepened our roots and taught us that cherishing the past is essential for leading the future.”

“We are living in the data era, as we are dealing with data generation tools every day. It is noteworthy to mention that 90% of the data that we have today were generated during the past 2 years only, and we are expecting the double of this amount every two years reaching 44 zettabyte or 44 trillion gigabytes by 2020. As a stimulation of the nature laws, the hoarding of the massive data resulted in the Smart Cloud which emerged from the Internet of Things (IOT) and the electronic devices that are related to the Internet.” H.E. added.

H.E. Al Mansoori also stated that: “Our schools and universities are facing a real challenges, which is responding smartly to the requirements of a dynamic and rapidly changing world. In this regard, I have to shed the light on the problematic relationship between the educational output and the society’s needs, as the output of any educational process becomes more valuable when it is more relevant to the society and market needs. Here in UAE, all programs and initiatives are in line with the smart and IOT era. To achieve our ambitious goals, we need graduates who are qualified to handle the data boom, think with an analytical mentality, and approach challenges with innovation and creativity, and this is the core of the Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Smart Learning Program that aims at creating an educational environment that utilizes smart technologies in enhancing knowledge and education in UAE.”

H.E. Marawan Al Sawaleh stated, UAE Minister of Education: “The theme of this forum touches the future of our children who are the builders of the future, and the eager minds that will achieve the desired development in a rapidly changing and challenging world. We don’t perceive Smart learning as a tool to enhance education but as a necessity to achieve our sustainable development goals.”

“I would like to shed the light on the ITU conference that was held in Dubai during 2014 and focused on UAE’s smart learning experience as a prelude to generalize it and circulate it in the world. This conference illustrated the relationship between education and ICT in the era of smart cities, IOT, and the digital knowledge community.” H.E. added.

H.E. concluded his speech with providing more information about Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Smart Learning Program: “The program provides a comprehensive framework that incudes students, parents, headmasters, teachers, and educational curricula. It portrays the collaborative efforts that were exerted by all parties to build our future leaders. The program is also in line with the Ministry of Education vision that aims at refining the educational process and keeping up with the new updates.”

ALECSO and ITU presented their vision for smart learning in the Arab region. Professor Mohamed Jemni, ALESCO ICT Department Director, and Mr. Karim Abdelghani, ITU Arab Regional Office Program Coordinator participated in the sessions. The topics that were discussed in the sessions also included the role of the industry in smart learning, and academia membership in ITU.

H.E Hamad Al Mansoori, and H.E. Marawan Al Sawaleh, and a prominent delegation inaugurated the Smart Learning Exhibition that was organized in line with the forum and encompassed an array of leading international companies that provide advanced solutions in smart learning.

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